All About Chihuahua Obedience Training

October 8, 2009

The time to begin your Chihuahua obedience training is the first day that you bring that adorable bundle home from the breeder. Training a Chihuahua can be a challenging task that takes plenty of patience and persistence, but rest assured that your training sessions will eventually be successful. When your puppy is very young, make sure that you keep the sessions short and sweet, since your dog’s attention span will be also be short at this stage. As your dog matures, you will be able to expand the time that you spend in Chihuahua Obedience

Although you might think that this tiny dog will not require the time and effort of training beyond housebreaking, which is not the case. Any dog, no matter how big or small, will be a welcomer pet if he understands and follows the rules of the house. Training your Chihuahua will not only result in a well-behaved dog, it will also allow the two of you time to bond together in the training sessions.

Dogs, like children, that are well trained are much more pleasant to be around. Once your Chihuahua has completed his Chihuahua obedience training, you will end up with a pet that is easy to control and has a healthy respect for the rules of the house. Your training will probably begin with you teaching your puppy what “no” means. This will happen when your pup finds many fun objects to chew on, like the living room sofa and your favorite pair of shoes. When you tell your Chihuahua no, make sure that you do so in a firm, low tone, with a face that says you mean it. You won’t need to yell at your pup or strike him, because the “no” command given in this manner will let your puppy know what you expect.

After you have mastered “no”, you can venture out to the other commands of Chihuahua obedience training that include “come”, “sit”, “stay” and “down”. These will work fairly well if you offer positive training in the form of praise and cookies when your dog does what you command him to do.

Dog training is an important part of dog ownership and you should be prepared to put in the time and energy to complete the task properly. Even tiny dogs are more enjoyable to have around when they have a healthy respect for the house rules and they are under the control of their owners. Chihuahua obedience training may not happen overnight, but it will happen as long as you are patient and consistent in your work with your dog.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of training your Chihuahua on your own, there is help available. Find an obedience training class in your community, and enroll the two of you in it. Theses classes are not designed to train your dog for you, but rather teach you to train your dog using effective and proven techniques. No matter how you choose to do it, training your Chihuahua is an important first step to a long and healthy life together.


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