All You Need To Know About Breeding Chihuahuas

October 8, 2009

Made popular by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton and Sandra Bullock, an increasing number of individuals are taking to adopting Chihuahuas as pets. Given the increasing demand for Chihuahuas, it is not difficult to find Chihuahua breeders these days. However, breeding Chihuahuas can by no means be something that can be taken lightly. Irresponsible breeding habits have the potential of producing Chihuahuas with hereditary illnesses that can prove to be extremely bothersome and heart wrenching, especially since adopting a Chihuahua is a long term commitment, considering the long lifespan of the dog. Given such, meticulous care is necessary for a potential owner when breeding Chihuahuas.97200831533PMmy2chihuahuas

Contacting a breeder that practices responsible breeding practices is necessary. It would be a good idea to check with reputable canine organizations such as the American Kennel Club for a list of responsible Chihuahua breeders at the local or national level. Veterinarians, magazines and pet stores are all good sources of respectable Chihuahua breeders. A breeder with a respectable reputation who has good practices is the first step towards ensuring responsible breeding.

Upon selection of the breeder, it is necessary for the potential owner to interview the Chihuahua breeder chosen. This ensures greater understanding of the breeders breeding practices. Such practices include the breeder’s policy towards ill Chihuahuas as well as the frequency with which the breeder sends his Chihuahuas fro checkups at the local vet. The potential owner should also make it a point to examine the Chihuahua which would be used for breeding to determine any symptoms of poor health. Such symptoms include lethargy, flake and spots on the Chihuahua’s coat. As a precaution, it is also imperative for the potential owner to request a veterinarian certification from the Chihuahua breeder to ensure that the particular Chihuahua in question is completely free from illnesses.

This is important as certain illnesses such as Patellar Luxation and other deformities can be hereditary. Diseases are often acquired through poor standards in the Chihuahua’s living environment or can also be a result of insufficient nutrition. Hereditary diseases acquired by Chihuahua puppies often result in early death or may cause the Chihuahua to fall sick very often throughout the period of its life. Chihuahuas tested positive for any illnesses should never be used as part of the breeding process to prevent the spread of these diseases to the Chihuahua puppies.

Subsequently, a clean area should be set aside for breeding. This should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent any possible existence of bacteria and germs. The Chihuahua breeder should have concern over the hygiene and well being of the puppy and not just interested in making a sale.

Stringent criterion and selective breeding is necessary in any case. This is important in order to develop not only Chihuahuas with good external features, but also healthy Chihuahuas free from any genetic defects or hereditary illnesses. With careful selection in place as well as sufficient nutrition, adequate commitment and regular checkups, Chihuahua owners would be able to savor the joys of adopting one of the most popular dogs today.


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