Chihuahua Rescue Centre

October 8, 2009

Unfortunately not everyone treats pets and animals in a humane way and that includes Chihuahuas. That is why you should always look for a Chihuahua rescue centre if you ever see a Chihuahua that has been abused or abandoned. There are things that every Chihuahua rescue centre should have and don’t be discouraged if you do not readily find a Chihuahua rescue center close to you. There are options and other things you can look for to get some help for the little dog and you should not give up looking as it is the life of a living animal that you are fighting for.polly-pockets-maltese-chihuahua-dachshund-mix-36313

The first place you want to go when it comes to the well being of any pet or animal is a vet. Your vet, or the closest vet to you, if you do not have pets and do business with a vet, will be very concerned about abandoned animals and will probably have very helpful information for you on where you can take the little dog. A good rescue centre will have a close relationship with a vet for medical services so a vet should be able to help you find one.

A good Chihuahua rescue centre is going to have some sort of working relationship with local law enforcement authorities. It is almost impossible to actively rescue little Chihuahua dogs without some sort of help or assistance from local law authorities. It is not to suggest that they go around breaking in the doors of abusive owners, just that a good rescue centre will want the back up of the law and the ability to report criminal elements to the proper authorities because animal neglect and abuse is against the law.

A Chihuahua rescue centre is also going to have a close working relationship with other animal rescue and adoption groups in your area. It makes life so much easier for animal rescue organizations when they are all working together to provide services for the various animals they deal with. Many rescue centres are not adoption agencies so they will get the animals, care for them, and then work with an adoption group to find a new home.

It is not something everyone thinks of but a Chihuahua breeder may be willing to act as a Chihuahua rescue centre sometimes. It never hurts to ask and many reputable breeders don’t want to see a Chihuahua suffer any more than you do, plus they have the resources to do something about it and help the little dog find a new home. Don’t expect it all the time but if you see an abandoned or abused Chihuahua then contact a breeder to see if they will help.

Don’t let abused animals suffer. In many cases all it takes is a simple phone call to get help for the poor animal and then you can know you did a wonderful thing by giving a pet a second chance. So if you know of abuse or see an abandoned pet don’t turn away, just pick up the phone and call someone because pets deserve just as much of a chance to live a happy life as you do.


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