Does Your Vet Have Chihuahua Allergies

October 8, 2009

Just because a vet has a dog for a patient doesn’t necessarily mean they know everything about Chihuahua care. Before you get a Chihuahua, make sure your vet knows about Chihuahua care. How do you choose a vet for your Chihuahua? Hopefully, you will have a choice of vets in your area, but any vet is better than none! Pick one that is close to you, but also professes to know about Chihuahua care, including care of Chihuahua allergies.224503

Because of the Chihuahua’s extremely cute little button nose, they don’t have the air passages that most dogs with longer noses have. They are, therefore, far more prone to breathing disorders and to making extremely strange noises not common in most other breeds of dog. Any allergen like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke or even perfume can act as triggers to Chihuahua allergies and cause these alarming, but usually not life-threatening, breathing problems.

One place Chihuahuas get extremely agitated at is the vet’s office. If your vet has never treated small blunt-nosed dogs like Chihuahuas before, the vet might misdiagnose a problem. How to choose a vet for your Chihuahua? First, ask if they often treat Chihuahuas. Vets are so busy that it does not pay for them to lie in order to get more business they can’t attend to properly. If they are not familiar with Chihuahuas, they will refer you to a vet that is.

Be sure you know who your vet is and how to get to the office before you bring home your Chihuahua. In many places in the world, emergency vets operate 24 hours a day, but are more expensive than a regular vet or a vet clinic in a large pet store. It is good to know where both your regular vet and your emergency vet are before any emergency arises. Keep their phone numbers by the phone or displayed in a prominent place so you don’t have to waste time hunting through the phone book in case of emergency.

There is no known treatment for Chihuahua allergies that trigger asthma like wheezing, whoops, snuffling or honking. Even elimination of the allergen is not a guarantee that theses alarming episodes will stop completely. These bizarre noises are apparently the muscles of the pharynx going into spasms. They tend to ease off when the dog is calm and escalate when the dog is upset.

Smokers better not own a Chihuahua, because cigarette smoke often triggers attacks. Be careful with strong perfumes, incense, potpourris or scented candles. When a Chihuahua goes into an attack, it will look a lot worse than it is. This condition is not life threatening. Calm your Chihuahua by petting, distracting with a toy, not getting upset yourself, and don’t yell. It is always good to check with a Chihuahua knowledgeable vet to be sure there isn’t any other obstruction in the nose or throat when you first spot these attacks, or if they worsen.


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