Get Ready For Your New Chihuahua Puppy

October 8, 2009

For your Chihuahua puppy’s safety, you need to not only puppy-proof your home and have a regular and emergency vet’s number by the phone, but you need to make sure your Chihuahua puppy’s name is sensible. Your pup will get into a lot of mischief – some of it potentially lethal. Your Chihuahua puppy will need to learn to pay attention to you and look to you for guidance. You can’t do that if you don’t give the pup a name that he or she ignores.35943207

Chihuahua puppy names should make them look at you. They should be two syllables or less. They should sound different from any of the commands the puppy needs to learn for training. Even “Puppy” is a better name than “Senior Taco Bell Loco” or “Sit.” You never should physically reprimand your Chihuahua puppy because one blow could kill them. You need to voice train them, which is only possible if they recognize their name.

Chihuahua puppies do not mix well with other dogs, since they can be easily killed by one bite. They need constant supervision, such as any other newborn. They need to be protected from extremes in temperature because of their small size. It is best that they live inside the home with you all the time. Chihuahua puppies (especially the short haired kind) shiver often and very easily. This is not always because they are cold, but also when they are agitated or nervous.

You need to keep a close eye on your Chihuahua puppy’s health. Since they are so small, they dehydrate very quickly and can die from it. Any vomiting more than twice a day and any diarrhea needs to be dealt with immediately. Don’t give them lots of table scraps or milk as this can give them diarrhea. They need good quality dry and wet dog food. Dog food is actually more nutritious than the stuff you are eating.

If you bought your Chihuahua puppy from a breeder, you probably noticed the slow, shuffling walk they use, never picking their feet off of the floor. This is to prevent any accidental stepping on the Chihuahua puppies. For this reason, you should never get a Chihuahua puppy if you have a young, active child. Also, load your laundry one piece of clothing at a time to be sure the puppy did not mistake the laundry basket for a bed.

Chihuahua puppies are actually stronger than some other slim breeds of dogs, namely the Italian Greyhound. They are also one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and learn about house safety in a matter of weeks (as opposed to years in a human child). Teach your puppy his or her name as soon as possible. Keep any Chihuahua puppy names short, in case you have to call them away from any potential danger.


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