Giving The Necessary Care For Your Pregnant Chihuahua

October 8, 2009

Chihuahuas make popular pets especially amongst city dwellers that live in apartments with very limited spaces. While most people would purchase their first Chihuahua from the local pet shop, most would choose breeding as a choice for their subsequent Chihuahuas. Successful breeding is only the first step in this process and it is necessary for both experienced and inexperienced Chihuahua breeders to be equipped with knowledge to giving the necessary care for their pregnant Chihuahua. Care both during pregnancy and after pregnancy is vital to ensure the birth of healthy Chihuahuas free from illnesses and genetic defects.8057267_1

The first step to care during pregnancy would be adequate nutrition. As with humans, pregnant Chihuahuas require a greater intake of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables to provide for their unborn little ones during pregnancy. It is important to consult your local veterinarian on your pregnant Chihuahua’s nutritional needs. In any case, good quality food is a must and Chihuahua owners should increase the quantity of food for their pregnant Chihuahua during feeding time. Insufficient nutrition can often lead to complications such as a malnourished puppy. Plenty of water should also be provided to enable sufficient hydration for the pregnant Chihuahua.

Frequent checkups at the local veterinarian are also a must for the pregnant Chihuahua during this period. Advice from the vet is necessary especially if the Chihuahua owner is relatively inexperienced in the breeding process. Vets would be able to provided answers to questions such as nutrition, and provide advice on how to care for the Chihuahua during pregnancy. Checkups would also ensure swift detection of any possible illnesses that may occur during pregnancy. If left untreated, illnesses can prove to be potentially dangerous for both the pregnant Chihuahua and the unborn puppy. While it may cost more financially, frequent checkups are insurance for healthy Chihuahua puppies.

It is important for inexperienced breeders to have a vet at present when their pregnant Chihuahua is giving birth. Complications are known to occur during delivery and professional service is required to remedy any possible complications at time of delivery. Severe complications are known to cause death for both the pregnant Chihuahua and her puppies and as such, it would always be handy to have a vet at hand if you are not an experienced breeder. A clean, quiet and disinfected place is also necessary for your pregnant Chihuahua to give birth, to lower the risks of infection to both the pregnant Chihuahua and her new born puppy.

Equally important is after pregnancy care. Sufficient nutrition and regular meals is necessary for both the mother and her puppies after the first few weeks of birth. Regular checkups at the vet are necessary to ensure the health of both the mother Chihuahua and her puppies. It is necessary to vaccinate the Chihuahua puppies early against common diseases such as Parvo, which is known to occur amongst Chihuahuas.

Allowing your pregnant Chihuahua to rest as much as possible in a clean, quiet room is important for the first nine weeks post pregnancy. This is to allow the Chihuahua mother to have undivided attention to care for her puppies in the immediate post-birth period.

Dedicated care, sufficient nutrition and regular checkups are the key to caring for your Chihuahua during pregnancy. With these in place, Chihuahua owners can look forward to a growing Chihuahua family.


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