Looking For A Good Chihuahua

October 8, 2009

The Chihuahua dog makes an excellent companion because of their loyalty and need to be close to their owner, while their size makes them a convenient pet for many households. Some owners have even been able to let Chihuahuas ride inside the pocket of their coat, in a purse or tote bag or simple just carried under the owners arm. Chihuahuas enjoy outdoor activities and are easy to travel with.Chihuahua glasses

Although at home the Chihuahua dog can be a bit curious and mischievous. When left alone for a long period of time the dog will often find something to get into and make a mess. The Chihuahua gets along well with their own breed but often doesn’t get along with other dog breeds. So if you have a Chihuahua it is best to only have the breed or choose very carefully before finding another breed of dog to add to the household.

As a result of movies and advertisements such as the famous Taco Bell commercials the popularity of the Chihuahua dog has risen. Sadly this now means that you can easily find a poorly bred Chihuahua that won’t work with your household. Many families falsely believe the dog is perfect for their household because of their self-confidence and easy trainability. However, by buying from pet stores, newspapers or on the internet you will have no way of knowing whether or not a dog will work with your household and you can get a dog that was bred without any concern for their health or temperament. The good breeders will refuse to place a pet in a household that has a child under the age of twelve. The small litter size of the Chihuahua has led to a limited number of puppies available from good breeders. Therefore, before you decide if the Chihuahua is right for you it is best to carefully consider their temperament.

For the Chihuahua dog you need to focus on feeding requirements, exercise needs and grooming procedures. At each meal your Chihuahua only needs a small amount of dog food. For most dogs two or three ounces of high quality dog food with a few puppy biscuits is enough although a few of the larger Chihuahua dogs can eat up to a half can of dog food. Rather than having one large daily feeding it is better to have two or three small meals per day. The Chihuahua is capable of walking as long as the owner wants to walk, but they also won’t object if you want to carry them around.

What makes them an excellent choice for the elderly is that they get most of their exercise simply by playing around the house. When grooming you should rub them down with a wet towel or glove to make their coat shine and use a soft brush. Trim the nails regularly and make sure you keep their ears clean.


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