Recognizing An Honest Chihuahua Breeder

October 8, 2009

One of the most popular small breed dogs in the world is the Chihuahua. Ever since the sweet, little face of one of these adorable dogs graced our televisions to ask us if we wanted some tacos, the world has gone crazy with people looking for the perfect little pup. Unfortunately, this has created a wide open market for the dishonest Chihuahua breeder who is looking to make a quick dollar. These unscrupulous breeders are churning out pups by the dozen in breeding centers known as puppy mills.shera-chihuahua-starbucks

The sad thing is, most people do not realize that when they purchase a Chihuahua puppy from a pet store, they are contributing to the inhumane conditions in which these puppy mills keep their dogs. Because, unbeknownst to buyers who only see the sweet little faces in the window, the majority of pet stores are being supplied directly by many a dishonest Chihuahua breeder. Even store owners which claim they only buy from respected breeders are playing into this fallacy.

The puppy mills that supply pet stores around the country breed their dogs in horrible conditions. Often a Chihuahua breeder that runs one of these mills will breed the same female every single time she comes into season. This is dangerous because a Chihuahua is so small to begin with, that each pregnancy deteriorates their body quite a bit. By not allowing a season or two to pass in between litters, you wind up with very sick females – and consequently, sick puppies.

Worse yet is the fact that a dishonest Chihuahua breeder will not take each litter of pups to a quality vet to receive the proper medical attention that small breed puppies need. By the time the pups reach the pet store they can be quite sick and often dying. Many an unsuspecting would-be owner has found himself or herself with a brand new puppy that costs them thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills, only to die shortly thereafter.

You can do your part in the battle against the dishonest Chihuahua breeder by simply refusing to purchase any pup from a pet store. The conditions in which pet store animals are forced to live aren’t much better than those in the puppy mills. This has led to many new dog owners discovering that their new puppy needs extensive medical attention, or worse needs to be put down immediately. All too often, the pups bought in pet stores die within just a few months of going home with their new owners.

The most important thing to remember is that an honest Chihuahua breeder will never sell a single puppy to any pet store. Respectable breeders will make certain that their pups receive the medical attention they need to ensure they are healthy, and will never breed a female before she has completely healed from her last litter. Join the fight against puppy mills by talking to your vet, and asking for a recommendation for a respectable Chihuahua breeder today!


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