Taking Great Pet Pictures

October 8, 2009

Wouldn’t you love to have a picture of your Chihuahua on a coffee mug, a mouse pad, or a calendar? You can create the requisite Chihuahua pictures for these items by learning how to photograph your Chihuahua with a digital camera. Once you decide on the shot you like, you simply take the file to a kiosk specializing in personalized gifts and let them do the rest of the work.33529740

Taking Chihuahua pictures is a fun activity for you and your pet. Whether you use an inexpensive digital camera or the very latest camera phone, digital photography is ideal for taking pictures of pets because you only pay for the pictures that turn out. The “delete” button takes care of blurry shots, shots with red eyes, and shots where your Chihuahua doesn’t look his best. Be sure to start each photo session with fresh batteries and a fresh memory card.

After you get your camera ready, set the stage for your photographs. The background for your Chihuahua pictures should be neutral and uncluttered, with nothing to distract from the subject of the photo. If your Chihuahua has light to medium colored hair, a dark background will provide an interesting contrast in the picture. If you have a dark-haired Chihuahua, a light background is best.

Experiment with fabric with different textures and sheens to see how different fabrics look when they are photographed. A Chihuahua is so small, you only need a small amount of fabric to place the dog on for its portrait. A scarf will probably be big enough. Avoid shiny fabrics and instead look for fabrics that absorb light, like velvet or suede.

Consider using props in your Chihuahua pictures. Try items that reflect your dog’s Latin heritage, like Mexican blankets or castanets. Everyday items that demonstrate how small your dog is, like shoes or balls, also make photographs interesting.

Now that your camera is ready, your backdrop is ready, and your props are ready, find out if your dog is ready for Chihuahua pictures. Most Chihuahuas are very active and don’t like to sit still for photos – unless they’re sitting in your lap.

On picture day, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so he or she has a chance to release energy before a period of sitting still. Don’t worry that your dog may be too drowsy; some of the best Chihuahua portraits are taken of dogs that are yawning or are about to fall asleep. Keep your dog’s attention by holding a favorite toy or a treat behind the camera. Be sure to reward your dog at regular intervals during the photo session.

After you finish taking pictures, review them all and pick out the best ones. These are the photos that deserve to be printed and framed, or shared online, or saved as your computer wallpaper to be admired every day.


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