Who Can Live With a Chihuahua Rescue Dog

October 8, 2009

It is a Chihuahua’s nature to be aggressive and stubborn and very difficult to train. A Chihuahua takes itself very seriously and expects you to take it seriously as well, when you do not it gets angry. When you take on a Chihuahua rescue dog not only do you have all of that going on, but now you have the added dimension of whatever damage the trauma has caused the and what you will need to do to get through that. It is a frustrating thing to train a Chihuahua and they do not adapt well to being mistreated so it will take time to get through to your new dog.955493-2-chihuahua-with-ghost

Before you can even hope to getting to even the most basic of house training you are going to need to get through to your dog and let them know that everything is alright and that they are safe in their new home and they are loved. All you can really do is shower the dog with love and attention and wait for it to sink in that it no longer needs to defend itself in its own home.

Chihuahuas normally do not respond well to any type of punishment at all. Under a normal training circumstance any sort of punishment runs the risk of creating aggressive behavior in the dog and undoing any progress that may have been made in the training of the dog. When you get a Chihuahua rescue dog you are dealing with a dog that has a great amount of negative experience behind it and that is something that you are going to have to deal with, without using punishment. It can be frustrating but refrain from punishment of any kind when interacting with your Chihuahua.

Under the best of circumstances housebreaking a Chihuahua can take months and in some cases may never even work. When you get a Chihuahua that has been through trauma it is either not housebroken or it refuses to be housebroken in response to what it has been through. Use standard housebreaking methods but be prepared to have to resort to litter box training or something else if standard methods do not work. Give standard methods a few months to work as it does take time.

A normal Chihuahua will begin life feeling that it has to defend its own possessions and territory. While this will look terribly cute it is behavior that needs to be curbed immediately before it gets worse. In a Chihuahua rescue dog that instinct to violently protect itself and it’s possessions may be very strong so you are going to need to exercise a lot of patience and show the dog that it is loved and safe where it is. It will take time but more than likely you will have to deal with it.

If you need advice or help with your rescue dog you can always call your vet, as they will usually have some great advice for you on what you should do in various situations. If you know of a Chihuahua breeder in your area then see if they will offer you advice as well. You can never get too much good advice when raising a rescue dog.


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