Important Tips on Chihuahua Breeding

October 11, 2009

You must know all you can about the process of pregnancy and raising these Chihuahuas because in all honesty, it is not that easy to successfully raise these small sized and often temperamental dogs. These are 4 tips on Chihuahua breeding, and while I will try to be as detailed as I can, you need to talk to a professional like a vet or a pet expert before making any decisions. The information that you are going to read will concentrate on issues of pregnancy and raising these puppies to ensure that you have a good breed on your hands.ChihuahuaGingerPiesFirstLitter4Boys2

Firstly, you need to decide on a breed. There are many types of Chihuahuas on the market and they are mainly differentiated by either their sizes or their coats. Most of the time, breeders choose from short haired Chihuahuas or long haired ones. Colour and marks are part of their other options, but this is more cosmetic then anything else.

The difference between the two is how you need to groom them. Issues like shampoo, combing, lice and shedding mainly affect the long haired breeds, with the short haired ones not really that affected due to the length of their hair. Once you have decided on the breed, you must know that Chihuahuas are very famously known for their C-section births. This is because they are a breed with large heads and small bodies, and this procedure can be very expensive.

Within that, there are somethings you need to look out for. Chihuahuas often bear more than one pup, and sometimes they cannot carry all of them to term, which means during labour or even birth, their body might even reject any one of their pups which do not fit into their biological capacities. Also, Chihuahuas are known for killing or eating pups they do not recognise, so ensure that when they do go for sedation for their C-section procedure, they need to be awoken immediately after, so that they may recognise their pups and not do anything drastic to them.

As for health concerns, you need to know that these small dogs suffer from protein, calcium and mineral loss throughout their pregnancies, which could lead to issues like seizures of even death. You need to bring them to a very regularly because oral tabs to not work for them, they need to get calcium and vitamin shots, and this includes the pups as well.

Fading puppy syndrome is another big, big issue when it comes to Chihuahua breeding. No one really knows why this happens, but sometimes a puppy will just stop eating and lay barking in the corner, initially dying. For now, there is no way to avoid this problem as it seems a natural progression of some advanced form of natural selection. But you need to note this when raising them. These are some of the important things to note when taking on Chihuahua breeding, and while this is not a discouragement, it is meant to prepare any breeder for the complications that might come along.


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