Care and Feeding of a Havanese Rescue Dog

October 13, 2009

A Great Dane is a huge dog that makes a great family dog and can hold its own against the kids. A Havanese rescue dog, if you look at the available Havanese information, is not a huge dog and would probably have to run from the kids. The Havanese don’t get very big at all as they usually only measure 29 centimeters in length when full grown and 6 kilograms in weight. Hardly a huge obstacle to the kids and really not the kind of dog to get if a big dog is what you want.ChihuahuaViansBigMacAttackMac8

But for all they lack in size the Havanese make up for in intelligence. They are one of the smarter breeds of dogs but they are also one of the more hyperactive as well. It takes a very patient person to train a Havanese but when you are done you have a Havanese that listens to your commands and offers you a lot of love.

For everything a Havanese rescue dog seems to lack in size they make up for in their ability to warn you if intruders are entering the house or if there is some emergency. They are alert dogs and they can make quite a noise when they feel that something is wrong or that a warning needs to get out. They are also playful little dogs that love to show off their wit and intelligence. Just try and match wits with a Havanese.

The Havanese rescue dogs are also referred to as apartment dogs because they really do not require a lot of exercise at all and their compact size means that they do not take up a lot of space in general. They are very loyal dogs and wonderful to have around children as they are very gentle and love to play. Their small space requirements make them a popular pet for city dwellers.

Havanese rescue dogs do require a great deal of attention and patience especially when you are trying to train them to follow your rules. But that is the wonderful thing about Havanese dogs, they respond very well to the proper kind of training and they can learn to follow many types of rules that other dog breeds cannot. But they are still energetic little guys that can drive you crazy if you let them so patience, as was mentioned before, is a virtue.

Your Havanese rescue dog is going to require daily grooming not only to keep their coat healthy but to keep them healthy as well. A tangled coat on a Havanese can lead to health issues so make sure you keep their coat clean and free of tangles. With a Havanese rescue dog you absolutely get out what you put in so if you take the time to train them right, show them the love they require and the attention they crave, and keep them clean and healthy they will repay you for years to come.


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