Chihuahua Care

October 15, 2009

Chihuahuas, like any other purebred dog, need some special care. When considering a new breed to purchase, always be informed. Read what you can and ask others who own the particular breed for their opinion. The more information you have, the happier you and your dog will be.TeacupChihuahuapedro11

There are differing opinions on how often to bathe a Chihuahua. Bathing too often can dry out the natural oils in the coat, thus causing dandruff and itching. Others say shampooing occasionally with special shampoos enhance the coat’s sheen. Another suggestion is that you bath your Chihuahua once per month. Ask your veterinarian or local pet store what they suggest. One certainty is that when bathing, take care to not get water in the chis ears. It can lead to infection.

Since Chihuahuas are most often indoor dogs, their nails will need trimming. Trim at least once per month. Start this routine early and be consistent. It will help your dog become used to the clippers as well as having its paws handled.

Ask your veterinarian about your dog’s nutritional needs. Some suggest that puppies be fed four times per day after weaning at six weeks. From three to six months, reduce the amount to three meals per day. Then, from six months to one year, two meals. Lastly, once they reach adulthood at one year, one meal per day is fine. Regular dry adult food works fine for this breed. Soft, canned dog food can lead to diarrhea. A mix is often preferred.

A Chihuahua’s large eyes attract dust and dirt. And, being so close to the ground, it will pick up quite a lot. So, Chihuahuas produce tears to cleanse their eyes. It is normal to see the area around the eye slightly wet. The tears should be clear with the consistency of water. Should the tears have any other appearance, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Be careful when selecting treats for your chi. Choose those made for small breeds and if rewarding with “people” food, only in the tiniest amounts. Do not over-indulge your dog. It can easily lead to an overweight and unhealthy companion!

Ask your veterinarian about a schedule for periodic cleaning of your dog’s ears and teeth and for vaccinations.

Chis are delightful, hardy little dogs. Given the proper care, they will thrive for many years.


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