Min Pin: Small Dog, Big Attitude

October 16, 2009

The Miniature Pinscher might be small, but these compact, resolute, muscular dogs should not be ignored. In spite of their unintimidating size, Min Pins provide excellent protection for their family as watchdogs. These wonderful dogs can be summed up in the interesting contrast of being fearless yet loving and gentle.ChihuahuaChiChiBelle1

A common misconception about these chiseled, energetic dogs is that they are the tiny descendents of Doberman Pinschers. They are actually not related at all to their large counterparts. Min Pins were developed in Germany from Terrier breeds. Many experts also think that there was some crossing done with Italian Greyhounds. This breed is popular today as a household pet, but originally they were meant hunt rats and other vermin.

Many owners believe this breed is not for everyone. They can become aggressive with other dogs, but are good with well behaved children as long as authority are socialized early. In fact, a lot of their personality depends on how they that is raised as puppies. A large number of breeders also recommend that owners purchase an exercise pen.

Though they sometimes appear delicate, Miniature Pinschers are quite a healthy and hearty breed with few genetic disorders. Simple, minimal maintenance such as cleaning their teeth and trimming their nails will keep them healthy. In fact, their biggest health risk is a child that plays with them too roughly. They aren’t for everyone, but they will make a wonderful pet for anyone willing to love them as much as they deserve.


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