Mull Over the Chweenie As Your Next Pet

October 14, 2009

Mull over the Chweenie! The what, you say?! The Chweenie is a charming breed, melding all of the best characteristics of its ancestors, the Chihuahua and the Miniature Dachshund. wholesale dog breeders do not breed this odd combination intentionally; but natural desire sometimes insists and voila! The half of the moniker “weenie” derives from the nickname for Dachshunds: “weiner dogs” because of their elongated, slim, Oscar Mayer torsos. The look is so sweet you can barely keep from hugging them!ChihuahuaEYES

What characteristics of the two kinds blend in the chweenie? Is is thought that the Chihuahua was raised to contain the rodent population in Mexican cities, where the dogs used to wander in wholesale dog gangs to find prey. But they went on to become the dears of the rich and famous, particularly debutantes. Carried in purses and accompanying their best human friends to restaurants, wholesale dog stores, and everywhere else, the little dogs became a mark of success. As little as just two pounds, with pointy ears, silky or smooth coat, of brindle or tan, the Chihuahua is the embodiment of the babying that humans do to indulge dogs. Remember the pictures of Paula Abdul with her fascinating Chihuahua? These little darlings get dolled up; groomed; have ribbons put in their little topknots, and they nestle blissfully with their besotted owners!

The Dachshund is nearly the contrary. It was raised as a hunter. It is a true scent hound, following its prey mainly by sense of smell, although its hearing is very sharp as well. Its broad front, longish floppy ears (that can also perk up straight), squat limbs and elongated torso make it perfect for searching out animals that live underground and, in fact, it was originally a specialist in hunting badgers. The Dachshund is adamantly steadfast, but not particularly fond of humans other than its own. The miniature Dachshund has the characteristics of its more ordinary-sized counterparts, but packed in a bitty torso. Even as a miniature dog, it is not inclined to exhibit the wholesale dog human syncophancy that the Chihuahua works on.

Put them together and what have you got? A little mutt with ears that are either straight up or drooped down, broad chest, elongated torso, but often without the stumpy limbs of the Dachshund. The chweenie keeps some of the enthusiastic qualities of the Chihuahua, but hunting talent goes to its core and the chweenie more often than not will be enthused about the chance to hunt in his backyard. The cheweenie does not comprehend that it is pint-sized and won’t confine itself to prey its size, so don’t permit it to run free in the woods! Don’t count on gussying up your chweenie or transporting it around with you to the fancy wholesale dog food stores; they are too freedom-loving for the kind of fussing that Chihuahuas naturally attract.

The chweenie: really, really appealing but no-nonsense. If you buy one, you won’t have second thoughts.


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