What Types Of Chihuahuas Are There

October 18, 2009

You might have wondered, “What types of Chihuahuas are there?” Some said that there are 2 while other said that there are more than 2. Getting confused? You might have heard of terms like “toy”, “deer head”, “apple head” and “teacup” that are used to identify different types of Chihuahuas. In reality, there only 2 kinds of Chihuahuas. Those terms mentioned earlier are commonly used but they are not internationally recognized by major canine organizations like AKC or UKC.ChihuahuaDaisyphlox0417

The 2 types of Chihuahua are longhaired and shorthaired. Other then the type of coat that they possess, both Chihuahuas are very much alike to one another. Both are little in size and weighs 6 pounds or less. They are only 6-9 inches tall. It is definitely a good shopping companion for the ladies as they fit right into the handbag!

Both types of Chihuahuas have the same type of behavior. They can be pretty sensitive and can get easily jealous too, especially when in the presence on other dogs.

These Chihuahuas deserve the right amount of training so that you would not need to worry of it barking unnecessarily when your friends or relatives come for a visit.

This calls for some socializing. Be it shorthaired or longhaired Chihuahua, both types of Chihuahuas need some amount of socializing. This is not the case for Chihuahuas, which grew up in the presence of other dogs. Dogs that mature in the presence of other dogs can give-and-take.

Training can take place at home. As the owner, you will need to be extremely patient with your Chihuahua. Most breeders said that Chihuahuas are pretty easy to train.

Training should actually start as soon as you think that your Chihuahua is ready for it. Chihuahuas are very fragile creatures, so in the midst of training, do not hit and yell at your pet. This will only increase his fear towards you. At the end of the day, he will be even more scared to obey you. So, the least you could do is to make training sessions short and fun for both you and your pet.

Shorthaired Chihuahuas are definitely easier to take care. Longhaired Chihuahua would usually require more grooming. IF you notice that the fur coat is a little bit too long, then maybe it is time to give it a snip. Grooming is very important to keep your longhaired Chihuahua happy and healthy. Make sure that you give your longhaired Chihuahua a good brush after a big day out. Shampoos with “natural green tea extracts” are good for a fluffy and healthy coat.

While you might notice that every Chihuahua have different physical appearance, their attitude and behavior is very much alike. If you love the fluffy looks on dogs, then you should go for the longhaired Chihuahua. If you prefer a simple looking dog, the shorthaired Chihuahua will do just fine. Teacup and toy Chihuahuas are just used to differentiate these dog sizes. Not much difference lies within them.


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